5 Steps to Choosing the Best NYC Limo Service for Your Son’s (or Daughter’s) Prom


5 Steps to Choosing the Best NYC Limo Service for Your Son’s (or Daughter’s) Prom

Choosing the best NYC limo service can seem to be quite a challenge. When it’s for your son’s or daughter’s prom night, you don’t want to leave anything to chance; you want to make sure this night is extra special for all the right reasons.

There are plenty of steps to take that will help to ensure the best experience possible for your son or daughter. Here are five steps to help you in choosing the best limo, company, and other options for prom night.

Step #1: Find a reliable company.

There are many limo companies providing services all throughout New York City and the surrounding areas, but few can surpass NY Limo Service’s on-time service record.

Step #2: Call them after hours.

If you call a limo service after hours, you’ll usually be met with an automated answering service. You might have to wait several days to get a call back. With NY Limo Service, there will be somebody ready to talk to you 24/7.

Step #3: Focus on safety.

The safety of your son or daughter and their friends, including their date, is of the utmost importance. You want to focus on hiring a company that has dedicated itself to building the best safety record of any limo service throughout New York City and in the entire country.

Step #4: Check out their fleet.

An impressive company is one that has a large fleet of limos, party buses, and other buses from which to choose. A large fleet means short notice availability and luxury of being able to make last-minute changes to any reservation or itinerary.

Step #5: Think about amenities.

A party bus can be a great experience for young teenagers, but a company that offers free complementary bottled water for all guests is one that has focused on all of the comforts that matter most.
While NY Limo Service is also a NYC airport limo company, they do specialize in prom, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, and much more, too.

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