Are You Set For Your Wedding Day?


Are You Set For Your Wedding Day?

UntitledOnly a week left to your BIG DAY? Even though you have completed all the major arrangements for your wedding, there seems no end to the work. Here is a list of things you need to before you kick off the final week preceding your wedding day:

Re-Confirm your Bookings

Call all your wedding vendors and re-confirm the arrangements they are supposed to make. Make sure all the vendors are on the same page so you do not have to fret over them on your wedding day. Call the venue manager to make sure they make arrangements according to the guests expected at your wedding, remind the caterer, bands, DJs etc about the service agreements to avoid any confusions and mishaps.

Hire a Reliable Transportation Service

The week counting down to your big day will be the busiest you’ve had since you started planning your wedding. Be prepared for the endless festivities, and hosting of events. Whether it’s a bachelorette party, or an outdoor group activity planned for your guests, you will need transportation.

Having a big city wedding in NY? Make sure you book a reliable Limo service so that you and the bridal party reach the venue on time in luxury and style. Invest in a bus rental service NYC to help your out-of-town guests to move around and sight see NYC in comfort.

Finalize the Schedules

With just a week left before your wedding, you will never come to termswith how quickly the days go by. Take the first opportunity to finalize your wedding-day schedule. If you need to assign specific duties to certain people, now is the time to do that. Relieve yourself of the wedding day worries by putting someone in charge of coordinating your day.

Have guests who missed the deadline for RSVPs? Call them to get a final headcount. Once you have that, communicate it to the caterer and venue. Avoid last minute confusions by submitting a pick and drop schedule, complete with names, addresses, and contact numbers, to your transportation service. This will make sure you along with the rest of the bridal party make it to the venue without being rushed for time.

Follow these tips and you’re sure to have a carefree wedding day to enjoy. Make a composed, yet classy entry at the wedding venue in a limousine booked from NY Limo Service, while your guests ride comfortably in the charter bus you specially hired for them.

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