Cheap Limousines with Limo Rental NYC

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Cheap Limousines with Limo Rental NYC

Everyone uses Google to search about the easy ways to rent cheap transportation in order to save money without compromising on quality but the results hardly ever come through. Do you have a party that you need transportation for? Do you have a planned and limited budget to spend? Here we have some advice for you that we know will help you target good transport companies in your price range.

Advance Booking of Limo Rental NYC

If you book a limo at the last minute then you will be charged more for urgent services whereas if you book a limo a week prior to the day you actually need it, you can save money easily. Remember that if you find good rates for a car, do not pass it up. Immediately book the vehicle as rates tend to fluctuate quite often where rental cars are concerned.

Charging Methods and How They Work

If you are in search of a car rental that is affordable, then you should look at the pricing policy set by a company. There are some companies that charge according to calendar days and then there are some that charge different prices daily.

If it is the first one rather than the latter then you should know that the company you are renting your limo from will charge you for the whole day, despite what hour you pick up the vehicle at. For example, you pick up a vehicle at 5pm on January 1st, you will be charged for the whole day.

In the second one, you will be paying by the hour without even knowing it. If you are to return the limo at a changed time then the company will charge you for one more day. Therefore if you plan on returning the limo on January 4th at 1pm after booking it on January 1st you will be charged in full for 4 days despite the time you return the vehicle.

Remember that if you are going to be a little late returning the limo then it is always suggested that you call them beforehand and inquire if you can do so without paying for the whole extra day. Keep in mind that most low-budget transport companies unlike Limo Rental NYC will try to charge you more money in such situations even if they confirm to not do so beforehand. It is always safe than to be sorry.

Try Weekend Rates of Limo Rental NYC

You might not believe it but due to business travel, the rates you will find at a transport company during the weekdays will be higher than the ones you will find during the weekends. This is why we advise that instead of renting a car during the weekdays, that you try renting a vehicle during the weekends.

But we need you to remember that where a limo is concerned, the weekend discounts don’t usually start from Fridays, but rather from Thursdays every week during the afternoons and then they end on Mondays rather than on Sundays. This information you won’t find anywhere else which is why it is important that you retain it now.

Long Term Rentals

In most cases it is true that the same amount of money that you spend while renting a vehicle for 3 or 4 days, you can spend on renting it for the whole week for pretty much the same amount.

Mostly the companies will try their best to convince you to rent the vehicle for longer as you will be getting reduced prices per day if you rent the vehicle for the entire week. But be sure to remember that if you spend extra on drivers and insurance coverage, then those costs will end up in the final bill that you get at the end of the week.

 Look Up Discount Rates

There is not one but several ways to figure out the discount rates that are being offered by a transport company, by either a car rental coupon or several promotional discount codes.

If you are a part of a program such as a hotel chain or another association then you should frequently check the several newsletters you get in the mail as they often have discount codes. If not, then you can simply just contact the association yourself in order to find out more information regarding this matter.

If you go onto the website of the transport company, you can also find discount coupons over there that you can easily use for yourself.

Last but not the least, you can sign up for several websites like that provide discount codes for all sorts of services being offered. There, you can see if the company that you are renting a limousine from is listed there, after which you can utilize the discount codes and save a lot of money in the process of renting limousines.

It Pays to Compare Prices of Limo Rental in NYC

We are well aware that this task consumes a lot of time but is actually one that will reward you well in the end. When you compare prices of transport rentals, you actually end up getting cheap rates in the end that you can easily afford. In order to accomplish this, you need to do two things.

The first one being the tough one. We want you to take a notebook and go online and look at all the websites of transport rentals that you think are good for you to hire a limousine from. After that note down the details such as dates, vehicle models as well as rates. Do this for each of the websites that you think are good for you. This way you will be able to see which transport company offers the lowest rates for the services.

Once you are finished with the first task, the second one that you can do is use a search engine for a booking site. Since they get commissions of their own, they offer you better rates and a chance to review one company in comparison to another.

Now that we have provided you with all the necessary information, booking limousines with Limo Rental NYC will be as easy as eating cake!

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