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Coach Bus Transportation – Just What You Need for a Group Travel Plan

Are you worried about making transportation arrangements for the upcoming trip with a group of your friends? Leave all your transportation worries behind and focus on having fun by making arrangements for coach bus transportation with New York Car Service.


Travelling Around NYC in a Coach Bus Might Be Just the Thing You Need

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Are you leading your group for the trip you have planned with your family and/or friends? As a group leader, you must already have a lot on your plate. You must be coordinating the entire trip from pick up to drop off, the destinations you plan to visit, fueling, scheduling, entertainment, food and recreation, etc. And if anything goes bad, you know exactly who everyone will be pointing at. All of this may leave little room for you to get to actually enjoy the trip.

How about you take some stress out of the entire situation. You can arrange for coach bus travel to NYC and leave all the transportation planning and management on to us. We will manage the pick up and drop off, we will plan and ensure that the schedule is followed, we will decide on which routes to take which will reduce traveling time and maximize enjoyment time.

By letting us manage the transportation, you will actually get to look forward to enjoying the trip instead of worrying about managing it all. You can plan the entertainment activities for your group to follow during the trip, while letting us manage the transportation and logistics. You can enjoy the different sights, enjoy catching up with your friends and family and just sit back and relax.

 Using a Coach Bus in NYC is a Safe Way to Travel

Companies like ours, who hold the expertise in providing coach bus rentals, have an extremely well-maintained fleet of vehicles that are provided for group traveling. You can rest assured of your safety as you travel in one of our coach buses because our buses are put under an intricate care routine regularly and each of our vehicles undergoes thorough repair and maintenance on a regular basis.

coach bus rentals2We have the confidence that our buses are safe to travel on and are environmentally friendly too, because they do not emit any fumes that would prove to be harmful for the environment. Our confidence in the excellent condition of our buses gives our clients the confidence while using them for their group travel plan.

“This year’s trip was probably the most memorable trip I took with my family. I have a great family and being the eldest, I have the responsibility of planning and managing our yearly trip around NYC. Every year I would spend months fretting about all the arrangements and on the day, I would be especially edgy because I know that I have to let everything roll out just as planned, without any hitches. This time, a friend of mine suggested that I hire a coach bus for my NYC trip with the family from New York Car Service. I wasn’t sure if I could let a company handle everything related to transportation, but I decided to give it a shot and boy am I glad I did! I am extremely pleased with the way the transportation was handled throughout the trip. No worries about fueling, routes or keeping up with the schedule. Instead, I focused on spending time with my kids who were delighted to see the relaxed version of me during the trip!”

Professional Drivers Providing Pleasurable Traveling Experiences – All the Way

Our professional drivers know all the routes in NYC. They know which routes are the safest to take and which ones are to be avoided. They can even enlighten you about any important tourist facts that you may not have been previously aware of.

coach bus rentals3We put all our drivers under extensive interpersonal communication training. This is because they come in direct contact with our clients and spend a considerable amount of time with them. They have the opportunity of making a lasting impact on our client’s experience and to make their trips delightful. You will find our drivers to be polite, friendly and cooperative. They will be willing to go the extra mile to make the trip comfortable and enjoyable for you.

Our Coach Buses are Technologically Advanced

 We know how important it is for our clients to remain connected with the outside world, professional as well as personal contacts. They want to send out real time updates about their travelling experiences and therefore our buses are equipped with WiFiconnections, electrical outlets and USB ports. Now you can stay intune with your social media updates and send out your very own as well. Receive replies, likes and comments on your trip and let everyone know what a good time you are having with your friends and family.

coach bus rentals4Apart from providing the technological facilities, we pay special attention to interior maintenance. Our vehicles are put under thorough cleaning before they are sent out to the clients. The seats are equipped with cushions and there are blankets available for your comfort. We want to make sure that you have the most comfortable and luxurious traveling experience with us.

“I went with my office friends for a two-day trip around NYC in one of the buses provided by New York Car Service. I must say that I was afraid of getting fatigued but the excellent service and the comfortable interior of the bus did just the opposite. At the end of the trip, I was feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and energized. I had a great time getting to know my office colleagues a bit more and sharing experiences with them.”

So what are you waiting for? If you need more information regarding our coach bus rental services, feel free to call on our number or send us an email. For making booking arrangements, contact us and let us handle your transportation requirements.