Things Nobody Will Tell You If You Are a Bride-To-Be

When it comes to weddings, only trust your closest friends. Trust us on this one.

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Things Nobody Will Tell You If You Are a Bride-To-Be

Although when you look at a wedding from a third-person’s view, you see nothing but an effortlessly planned event. But the reality is somewhat different than what you can see. It is a rather eye opening experience for not only those that are getting married but also those that are planning it. When you are at a wedding, you end up learning a lot about the people which would otherwise not have been possible. What do you expect when you are a bride about to head on this hard and incredible journey? Before you get cold feet, let us tell you all that you are in store for. the Experts You’ll Meet

Girls in general tend to be super controlling in events like these, especially the ones that have been married either in the past or currently. They will have an opinion on almost every aspect of the event and can even get a little agitated if things are done differently than they would have anticipated. If you ignore this and let it pass you by like a breeze, you’ll do just fine.

Your Best Friends Matter

If there is one thing we can tell you as to what you should expect from a wedding, there is one thing for certain and that is the fact that you can rely on your best friends completely. From the moment you tell them that you are engaged to be married to the moment you head off to Africa for your honey-moon, they will be as excited and as happy as you are. They will take care of all of the petty details that you as a bride would not want to take care of. They will basically do all your dirty work, and that also involves taking care of your cold feet.

Watch Out for Fake Friends

So the reality of a wedding is that everyone wants to be involved in it so that they can one day say that they knew you, on the off-chance that you become famous. Jokes aside, this is actually a real issue. Everyone you know and have hated in high school will want to be present at your wedding and in order to do so they will appear to be your loyal friends. But don’t let that fool you as these people generally don’t live up to their promises and flake out at the last minute. When it comes to weddings, only trust your closest friends. Trust us on this one.

People are Very Opinionated

Whether you are in the favor of it or not, everyone and we repeat everyone will have something to say about your wedding. If it is too traditional then they will say that it should have been a little modern and if it’s too modern then they will say that it should have been more traditional. The ladies will not necessarily be happy about their bridesmaid dresses or pout if you don’t have Dallas Airport Transportation listed as your transport. But you shouldn’t let this get to you. The great thing about being a bride is that at the end of the day, everything goes your way and nobody can do a thing about it.

Money Gets People Talking

Despite what people say, the amount of money that you spend on your wedding whether a lot or not, speaks volumes.  Basically what we are trying to tell you here is that it doesn’t matter how much money you spend, people will always talk about it behind your back whether in secret or via drunken toasts at your wedding. Keeping this in mind, you might as well do what you want to do in your heart. Don’t over or under spend because of what people might say. Give yourself the wedding the 12-year old you always wanted to have and forget about what people will think. Family Loves You

It is quite possible that amidst all the chaos that a wedding brings, a bride and groom can easily forget what is actually important. What you need to do is see through the sarcastic remarks and overbearingness and see the love that your family has for you. That’s the only reason that they are present at your wedding for. They want to be there to share with you the most special day of your life. In order to make the best of this, you need to figure out what everyone is best at and then distribute the wedding tasks onto them accordingly so that things may happen more smoothly.

People Love Weddings

It is no secret that single people go date hunting at a wedding, and this is why you can be sure that everyone you have invited will be dying to come. But you also need to prepare to have some extra people at the wedding because if someone is in a relationship, they will be arriving with their plus one. The last thing you need is to be embarrassed by the lack of chairs. Can Often be Quite Generous

Often the people that you are the most annoyed about inviting are the ones that end up giving you the most generous of wedding presents. Often it is in the form of cash. So the next time you want to make a face about inviting your dad’s boss, remember what we have told you just now. There is no need to ignore such generosity, especially in the case of a wedding.

Everyone has an Individual Style

When you are planning your wedding and have to do the ultimate bridezilla task which is picking out the bridesmaid dresses, there are a few things you need to be mindful about. Everyone has an individual style that might not settle with you or yours with them. This is why you need to prepare yourself for some push back. You must endure this with a light heart because you know that in the end, you are the bride and the bridesmaids will wear what you want them to. It’s just going to be a bit of a struggle, that’s all.

At the end of the day, breathe and enjoy because you are the bride after all.

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