Limo Dates: Romantic or Overkill


Limo Dates: Romantic or Overkill

Some believe that limos tend to be overkill on a date, but most would say otherwise. It is highly romantic to be in a NY limo with your date. It lets you know that they care about you and that they do not mind spending money on you. Read on to find out more about why limo dates are more romantic than overkill.

Extravagant Limos

Limos are really extravagant, which may lead some people to believe that limos are overkill for a date. However, most people actually enjoy relaxing in a limousine on a date with a nice glass of wine in their hands. There are extra bonus points for a limo with a television and/or a radio because, after all, who doesn’t like some good entertainment?

Have a conversation about the big game or put on some mood music to test the waters with your romantic interest. No matter what you do, the extravagance and luxuries that limos offer really helps you look great in the eyes of your date.


Although limousine service NYC can be expensive, they are normally worth the money that you put into them. You will probably have such a good time that you will be glad that you put the money into renting a limousine. If your date is up for it, you could even go Dutch on the limo. Whatever happens, just make sure that you are having a good time.

Ask Your Date What They Think

If you want a second opinion on whether or not you should spend the money to rent a limo, then ask your date directly. The best thing that you can have in a relationship is honesty, so why not start with asking them about their honest opinion of a limo date? The worst thing that they can say is no, so just go for it.

Why Limo Dates Aren’t Overkill

If a limo date is overkill, then so are flowers and chocolates. Flowers and chocolates are just as extravagant a gesture as a limo ride, albeit the pricing is definitely a lot different. However, the price doesn’t matter in this case. The topic at hand is whether or not limo dates are romantic or overkill due to their extravagance. If someone you are dating thinks that a limo date is overkill, then ask them why they think that. The chances that your date will think it is overkill are rather rare, though.

If you want to have a great time with a relaxing atmosphere, then hire a limo for your date. It will be super romantic for you and your date and it may even show your date that you are not afraid to do extravagant and romantic gestures for them. If you need to go Dutch on the limo, then so be it, but if you just show up with a limo and tell your date that you are taking them out, then chances are that they will be very happy at the wonderful gesture. Good luck with your limo date.

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