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With Top Class Limo Service Available in NYC, There’s No Need to Compromise Your Travelling Style!

When you have the option of traveling around NYC in ultimate luxury, comfort and style, thanks to New York Limo Service, why opt anything else?

All the Different Reasons To Use Limo Service for in NYC

Everyone wishes to travel in style and luxury; New York Limo Service is in the businesses of making these wishes come true. At highly reasonable prices, you can enjoy the peak of comfort, luxury, style and class, in one of the gorgeously stunning limos, maintained by New York Limo Service.

Limo Service NycIf you wish to take a break from your monotonous lifestyle, you can plan to spend a weekend, rediscovering the main attractions of NYC, in a limo hired from our limo service. We can send over a chauffeur driven limo for the entire weekend, to give you the break you so deserve. You can sit back and relax, without any worries about driving, enjoy some drinks as you glance at the magnificent buildings around NYC.

If you have a special occasion coming up, like the birthday of your spouse or an anniversary, you can plan a wonderful night out; the cherry on the top would of-course be the limo. You can surprise your loved one by giving them the pleasure of travelling to the planned NYC location, in the most sophisticated and ritzy of rides, a limo hired from our limousine service.

Here is what one of our satisfied customers had to say about our service:

“My wife knew that I was planning something special for our 25th wedding anniversary; that was a given and I couldn’t pretend to her that I wasn’t. I kept thinking about a surprise element and then one of my friends suggested hiring a limo for taking us to her favorite restaurant for the dinner I had planned. When the time came and the bell rang, I let her open the door. I still remember the look of joy and surprise on her face, when she saw a fabulous looking black limo, waiting for us. She immediately teared up and thanked me  and continued to thank me for the

rest of the evening. The New York Limo Service helped me make our special occasion all the more special.”

  • Henry Tames, Small Business Owner in NYC

Enjoy Stress Free Ride in Chauffeur Driven NYC Limos

One of the most enticing reasons for engaging NYC limos is that they usually come accompanied with professional chauffeurs. Travelling with a professionally trained chauffeur is a charming experience in its own. First off, you won’t have to worry about running into any tickets around NYC because your chauffeur won’t give the police any reason to book you for a ticket.

Limo Service Nyc2Second of all, your chauffeur will take care of the parking for you. We all know that finding a parking can be a task around NYC, especially on a holiday or some other similar occasion. Why waste time and energy looking for a parking when you can immediately begin to enjoy your event as soon as you arrive? Let the chauffeur handle the parking affairs for you.

Another thing about professional NYC limousines is that they are very particular about time and following schedules. If they promise to pick you up at 6:30 it means that they will be at your place at 6:25 and not 6:35. By hiring a limo, you can ensure that you are out the door on time so you can arrive to your destination on time too.

About reaching your destination on time, here is a wonderful thing experienced and top quality limousine service  in NYC do; they stay in tune with the traffic conditions around the city and keep their chauffeurs updated. This allows the chauffeurs to manage their routes accordingly, by avoiding areas with traffic blockage and taking alternate routes that will allow them to transport you according to your schedule.

NY Limo Service for Corporate Affairs

Some meetings can be make or break with the clients, especially if its a new one. Why not start off on the right foot by arriving to your meeting destination in a shining limo? NY Limo Service offers a wide range of limos for your corporate events. May it be a business meeting, a business lunch or dinner or a corporate party, our limos are at your service.

Limo Service Nyc3“I was pursuing this client with a very impressive portfolio; it was my very first one with such a profile. I was quite nervous and I kept thinking about first impressions being the last. So I decided to engage New York Limo Service and I hired a limo to have them picked up from their hotel. I brought them over to our meeting place, a famous restaurant in NYC, in the limo. I watched them from inside the restaurant window as they got off from the limo. I could tell from their faces that they enjoyed the ride. Seeing the satisfied look on their faces gave me the confidence boost I needed – the rest of the meeting went flawlessly too and I won my very first big client. I feel like the impressive limo ride played an important role in it.”

What are you waiting for? 

The next time you want to try out a luxurious, reliable and credible transportation around NYC, you know that all you have to do is pick up your phone and give us a call at New York Limo Service. We will help you enjoy memorable and hassle-free travelling experiences. You will enjoy feeling pampered by us. We can provide extra add-ons if you are travelling with children for example.

Limo Service Nyc5Feel free to enjoy the entertainment systems that our limousines are furnished with. The luxury seats and the lavish interior is sure to soothe your senses and help release the day to day stress. The mini bar is also available so you and your friends can enjoy a few drinks.

Book us today for your next special occasion or give us a call for any details you need.