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Our New York limo bus rental will turn your next gathering into a party on wheels, making getting everyone around town a big part of the fun. Your New York party bus or limo can include large flat-screen TVs with DVD and club-style sound and lighting systems. Our NYC party limos feature spacious and comfortable seating, and some of our buses even have dance floors and dance poles. You'll appreciate your private driver and their keeping the full occasion on track.

A New York party bus is perfect for bachelor or bachelorette parties, keeping the group all together and safe. You won’t have any friends having to take the responsibly as a designated driver and be left out of the fun. Our NY party limo rentals can be non-stop fun throughout the night. From the moment your guests are picked up at their house, through the evening as everyone hops from a restaurant, club, or to one hot-spot to another, and on until they’re dropped off back at their home. Turn the traditional prom or school dance limo ride into a party with a New York limo bus rental. Choose a special party limo for sharing with your closest friends or a larger New York party bus for your own private after-prom party.

A New York limo bus rental isn’t just for night life. They’re great for daytime birthdays, and especially for providing both style and a bit of fun for those all-important quincearenas. Yes, they’re also great for tailgating parties. Be there before the game even starts and speed through special bus lanes for an entrance-gate drop-off. Don’t let traffic stop the party for you and your friends before or after the game, our party bus is the perfect party—a party on wheels!

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Renting transportation is not a decision that is to be made lightly. There are a lot of factors involved that beg you to deeply consider your decision before you make it. Hiring the wrong kind of transport company that isn’t capable of providing you with the standard of services that you expect can ruin your special day whether it is a party or for everyday use. You spend your money and your time, that is an investment that cannot be returned and this is what makes it so important that you hire the services of a reputable transport company like Party Bus NYC.
Following is a list of benefits that you too will become a part of when you book our party buses so keep reading.

All Your Friends in One Place

When you are hosting a party the main worry on the people involved in hosting the party with you and the guests arriving is transport. For those who down own vehicles of their own it can be quite stressful to rent transport services and if not then to carpool with other friends. Solution number one costs a lot of money and solution number two renders you late as your fate is in your friend’s hand and he at any point can cancel on you. This is why it is a reliable option to rent a party bus from Party Bus Rental NYC for this purpose. This way all your guests are picked up in one vehicle and you are in charge of when they arrive. This way you can make sure that your guests are on time and their journey isn’t boring as they will get time to break the ice with most of your other guests before they arrive at your venue all because of

Party Bus Rentals NYC

Amazing On Board Amenities

A party bus with NYC Party Bus Rental is all that it sounds like, it is party on wheels! Forget about the comfort, the on board amenities alone will blow your mind away. Our party buses are all that you are looking for. You can forget about a boring journey. With us you will not only be comfortable but you will also feel like you are travelling in the most luxurious vehicle in town. We provide you with a dance floor, LED lighting, a fully stocked bar, state of the art music system, lush interior and many more. Now you can either choose to listen to our playlists or you can easily connect your own and listen to the kind of music you and your friends know and love. Our party buses will easily put everyone in a party mood before they have even reached the venue of the party itself.

Reduced Over Head Cost and Cost Effectiveness of Party Buses

Think about it, if your guests are renting separate transportation services they are paying a lot of money when you can help them save! Now you can choose whether you pay for the party bus yourself or you and all of your friends pool in the money but the point is that this way you and you friends can save a lot of money overall when they are booking a party bus from NYC Party Bus.

The Talk of the Town

As you ride around in our party bus, all eyes will be on you. The whole town will be able to see how much fun you are having and will wish that they too were a part of your party. If you rented say a limousine or a town car then this wouldn’t be happening. This is why you should book a party bus with Party Bus NYC.

Discount Deals

We constantly have major discount deals going on that our customers can benefit from. Once you avail those, you will be paying even less for our party buses thus enjoying yourself at your party even more. Who isn’t happy when they save money?

Chauffeur Driven Party Buses

We hire the best chauffeurs in town and train them so well that our customers never complain. They find the best routes for your journey and transport you safely to your destination giving you and your friends a chance to unwind and enjoy yourselves.
Booking our party buses has a lot of benefits that you will not be able to avail with any other transport company that you find. When you look for transport companies online the chances of you finding one that is not right for you are very high which is why we recommend that when you look for transport companies go for reputable transport companies like Party Bus NYC. So call us now and book your very first party bus and make your party one that people will not forget for a long time.

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  • Party Limo

    14 passengers
    Flat screen TV’s
  • Mega Party Bus

    44 passengers
    Dance floor & pole

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