The Best Dance Clubs in NYC that Totally Worth Your Moves

The Best Dance Clubs in NYC that Totally Worth Your Moves

Okay, so you and your friends finally took up the courage and decided to visit New York City in our benevolent Limousine Service NYC. But now, the tough question arises: where to dance the night off? Since you are totally unfamiliar with the place, and also because the city is HUGE, we have decided to not let you wander about the streets. That’s because we would not appreciate it if you end up in a boring, good-for-nothing night bar that offers crappy music and sells drinks that make you regurgitate after a sip.

Don’t worry, we have got your back. In order to make things easy-peasy for you, our chauffeur who assist you in our Limousine Service NYC will take you to the best night clubs in the city that never sleeps. We have assembled quite an impressive list of one of the best town bars for you down below. Your only job is to pick the one you like and our Limousine Service NYC will take you straight away to your preferred place in no time.

Toca Tuesdays: The Delancey

So, what’s your favorite dance genre? Is it belly dancing or hip hop? If it’s hip-hop then Toca Tuesday is indeed the best fit for you. We are starting off our list with this amazing option primarily because it is not a high-end dancing floor and it will not be falling heavily on your pockets. If you are new to clubbing at nights, this place is surely help you in creating acquaintance with the dance beats. Located in Manhattan, Toca is a must to try!

The Rub: The Bell House

Now let us ascend to something better. This place is providing dance floor for the past 13 years with music ranging from R&N to rock, hip-hop, reggae, and house. It is capacious with pretty inclusive atmosphere, and the best part is the drinks that are reasonably priced. So, this one is not really an expensive opportunity but a well-famous one. The Rub has one of those high-end, VIPs bottle services that you would most likely to expect in any oh-so-popular dance bars in NYC, therefore, it is a must visit!

ESO!!: Bembe

Located at the 81 South 6th street at Brooklyn, Bembe has what we call as “I need motivational Mondays”. Yes, you read it correctly. While most of us just throw ourselves on the couch after working on the first day of the week and whining about how we officially hate the day “Monday” on the calendar, Bembe makes sure to provide people with dance motivations in the form of latin fusion and global funk on that very day. Monday doesn’t sound boring anymore, is it now?

Bembe provides a care-free slash drama-free environment with cheap rum shots and an exciting dance floor – all the more reasons to wait for Mondays now.

ElevenEleven Fridays: Open House

This place, located at 224 East Houston Street in Manhattan is open all week, but if you are willing to taste the real glam then Fridays are the best days to come here. The place is gorgeous with plenty of space for the dancing. Also, the place offers parties that last longer than morning hours, so if you are a night owl, you probably would not want to leave ElevenEleven. A little tip here is to try and get here before midnight, that way you can save $5 cover fee.

Although there are plenty of more night clubs that we would love to share with you but the aforementioned are our favorites and we really wish you have fun here. Since dance and the groovy moves have no limitation, these places are also limitless. Enjoy!

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