Wedding Venues: An Occasion That Craves Exclusivity

Wedding Venues: An Occasion That Craves Exclusivity

Church weddings are becoming less charmed. No one wants churchy views any more or set in a cream-colored tent for half the day only to get boring menu for lunch. Furthermore, they are also hard to book especially if you plan to wed during the peak season because you weren’t sure about what date to set. Not to worry, we have compiled a list of 3 venues that are anything but boring and will surely have your entire guest list excited.


It is time you get a little creative and pick an unconventional wedding venue to say your vows. They only thing that should remain the same is the bride coming out of a Jacksonville Wedding Limousine as this is one timeless traditions that will always look classy.


Backyard Weddings

Not only are they easier to organize, these are also cost effective. Think about it, you can go low on the decorations, ditch flowers for the already planted ones, use home furniture instead of paying for one and say your vows without a time limit set attached to it. Rest assured, the wedding photos are going to look stunning with a personalized touch. As for getting all the guests to reach on time, you can rent Jacksonville Wedding Limo.


Vineyard Weddings

There aren’t many things one can dislike about a vineyard wedding. In fact, vineyard weddings with locally grown food as menu, freshly juiced wine as the main drink, rustic décors and beautiful harvests in full bloom will not just look good but absolutely breathtaking. It will also give your out of town guests a chance to visit a vineyard in Jacksonville. You can even hold the reception in the basement where win barrels are kept. Worry not as we have a fleet of the best Wedding Limo Service Jacksonville to get you there!


Midair Weddings

Okay, lets’ get one thing straight. Nothing can beat a midair wedding! If you succeed in pulling this one off, trust us, your wedding will always be remembered as one that blew everyone’s mind. Both classy and unconventional, doesn’t that just surpass everything else? We think so too! Let us help you get there in one of our Jacksonville Limo.

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