What Sundance Wants You to Know

What Sundance Wants You to Know

What the filmmakers think is that the programming that a festival such as the Sundance Film Festival requires is about as opaque as mist. There are several steps in the process that decides whether or not a film gets selected in the festival but those gateways are surely not in place to keep you from entering in the first place, what it actually is, is simply a bridge that is responsible for connecting several filmmakers as well as programmers with one another.Car Service To LGAThere are several things that people who are visiting such film festivals, in reliable transportation services like Car Service to LGA for the first time, do not understand and that causes them to form rumors of their own. It is now time that we will put most of those to rest by stating some of the things that film festivals want all of the filmmakers that send their films to know.

The Programmers Love You

People view programmers as evil people that simply do not want to feature good films in the festival, however that couldn’t be more wrong. If a programmer features a good film in the festival, then it reflects well on them as well as their egos. This is why it would be wrong to assume that programmers have something against your film as programmers love featuring good films in film festivals almost as much as you love having them be featured.

Not every Festival Needs to Know About Sundance

It is obvious that for every filmmaker, the first choice has and will always be the Sundance Film Festival. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t apply to other film festivals as well considering Sundance only responds back after Thanksgiving every year. What we suggest is that you don’t tell every film festival that you have applied to, that you are waiting to hear back from the Sundance Film Festival. Picture this, your prom date cancels on you and you then have to find a replacement date. You don’t go ahead and tell that date that she is your last resort, do you? That would just ruin the date. The same is the case with all the film festivals, it is just best if they don’t know about one another. Of course they won’t believe you, because no filmmaker only applies to one film festival unless he is a newbie. But out of politeness, it is best to keep this information to yourself.

There are No Conspiracies at Play

People simply assume that in order to get your film to be featured in a film festival such as Sundance, you have to trade services or bribe an official but that is simply not how things work. They might work this way in movies, but not here for sure. If you want to believe in something like this regardless of the facts, then suit yourself but if you are someone that thinks sensibly, there are simply no conspiracies at play in film festivals. If your film is good, it will make it. If not, you should try again next year with a different movie.

The Balancing Act: Programming

As we mentioned, there are several factors that programmers have to consider when they decide whether or not a film will be featured in the film festival, they have to look at the distributors, formats, genre, timings, audience, and make sure to not lose balance with either one of these while making their decision. They also want to make sure that the film that they select is good as well as understandable for the audience hat is most likely to attend the festival. Anything that doesn’t make sense to the screen testers will not make it through to the festival.

Don’t Annoy the Programmers

Programmers at these festivals have a lot to do as it as and they can do it without you constantly annoying them. It is considered acceptable if at one point in your process, you check with a programmer to see if your film is on the right track. But if you do so at every step of your film, it will not do you any good. It will only annoy the programmers, and you will end up losing valuable time of your own as well as theirs. Trust us, it is the last thing that you want.

No Screening Fee

Let’s face it, all the money that a festival spends in order to advertise the event and to spread awareness leaves them broke. They cannot pay you a screening fee so it would simply be stupid to even ask for it. However if you still wonder how you can benefit from this event, suit up and drive up to the festival in a Car Service to LGA and see all that the festival has to offer. At these festivals, you will find thousands of filmmakers and directors. You can connect with them and even strike a film deal somewhere. Who knows?

The Screening Time

Okay so the thing is, screening time for films at festivals is set to direct particular audiences. This is why you needn’t take them too seriously because a programmer has given proper though to the decision of when your film is premiered. If your movie is rather dark then it will be premiered at a time where people who would take it more seriously would be watching, for example at a 7pm premiere. Whereas if your film is directed at a mainstream audience then it might be premiered in the afternoon hours.

Keep Your Cool

Most people lose their calm while they are at film festivals such as Sundance. These festivals tend to span out over two weekends which means there are a lot of parties in the initial days. The thing to remember is that if a party is what you are after, you can go to a club anywhere in your city. But this is a film festival which filmmakers anticipate all year and prepare for it painfully hard. You needn’t get drunk and ruin the fun for everyone else as that is just not fair to anyone.

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