What the Filmmakers Want the Film Festivals to Know

What the Filmmakers Want the Film Festivals to Know

sundance_film_festival_egyptian_theater.You must have read several articles as well as blogs about what film festivals want the filmmakers that are entering the film industry for the first time to know. But what about what the filmmakers want? A film festival is only as good as the filmmakers that take part in it. And with a reliable transportation service like Party Bus Rentals NYC at hand, who needs a vacation! There are several things that filmmakers want the festivals like Sundance to know in order to better understand them. We will list them for you to read today.

Transparency Costs Nothing

Being a filmmaker is hard enough without the technicalities of a festival. What the filmmakers wish the festivals would do is provide them with timelines, submission details, formats, genre guidelines as well as the prizes that are being rewarded to winners. They don’t have to deliver these details personally, all they have to do is upload them on their official websites for all the interested filmmakers to see.

Feedback is Important

For a filmmaker, having his film be rejected by a festival can be heartbreaking. The reason for this is that most films are filmmakers personal stories that they have waited their whole live to tell. Imagine telling your story to someone and having them tell you it’s not good enough. Hurtful, right? But a film festival has several reasons for rejecting a film. What a filmmaker wants is feedback in order to help improve his film and to reapply possibly next year with a better version. If you tell a filmmaker the reason why his film was rejected, he will do everything he can to improve himself, but how will he do anything if he simply does not know why his film was rejected in the first place?

Empty Theatre Syndrome

It is every filmmaker and director’s worst nightmare to screen a movie and not have any audience to view it to but it is something that happens quite often. It is more in the hands of the festival rather than the filmmaker to handle this situation. What they need to do is publicize the event and the movies featured enough to pique the interest of the audience. It is one thing to have your film featured in a festival as grand as Sundance but an entirely different thing to have no audience view it. The filmmakers want the festivals to manage the screenings well so that people always have something to watch and know what is coming next. They also need to add fun activities in between for the friends of the movie buffs that don’t have anything to do at these festivals but simply just came along to support a friend. Arranging for a proper transportation like Party Bus Rentals NYC would be a plus.

Managing Expectations

Often it happens that when a movie about a very serious issue is screened at film festivals, it doesn’t drive the audience into the theatre as much as a mainstream movie would and this hurts the feelings of the filmmaker. It doesn’t mean that the film isn’t as important as the rest of the films in the festival, it only means that people are interested in the mainstream movies more. In order to counter this problem, the filmmakers want the festivals to warn them of something like this so their films can be screened in smaller theatres where the expectations are easily manageable. In a smaller theatre, it is not that the film drove less people to see it, it simply means that the film is too mature for everyone but a few.

Be Gentle and Kind

Being kind to filmmakers goes a long way. If a filmmaker has made it to the festival and has had his film featured, then it is not his luck that has brought him here, it is his hardwork. He deserves to be here as much as every other person. Remember this fact before you differentiate between filmmakers because each one works equally as hard. If you treat a filmmaker well, whether in rejection or when you accept their films to be featured, they spread the word and talk about your festival to everyone. It creates a buzz. There are several programmers that work for Sundance Film festival that will swear by festivals that stay good to filmmakers, as they go a long way. It is even encouraged that you take a filmmaker out to dinner to break the news about their film.

The Technical Stuff

Making a film is hard enough without paying heed to the technical details. But when you are entering a film festival, you have to make sure to get all the technical details right. In order to accomplish this, the film festival needs to tell the filmmakers the formats of the films. The last thing any filmmaker wants is to submit a film and have it be found interesting enough to be picked up to watch, only to find out later that the format it is on is not compatible with the DVD player of the programmer. Bummer, right? Things like these a filmmaker needs to know before the festival date is set so that they can get them right.

Supporting One Another

A film festival brings a community of similar artists together to one platform. It is important that all of them support one another because each and everyone understands how difficult it can be make it through in a film industry. Whether it is a programmer or a filmmaker, we all need to stick together and make contacts and help each other out in order to make something of ourselves. So don’t hesitate to support your fellow artist.

NYC Rental LimoEnjoy the Festival

All in all, when the stress of entering the festival has faded, the only thing left to do is to enjoy it. Grab some of your closest friends, mark down the movies that you want to watch and buy their tickets, once you have, book a party bus from Party Bus Rentals NYC and be on your way! Make sure to make advance bookings of the movies that you want to watch or you might not get the tickets.

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